• Why M&E?

    Since its founding in 2001 M&E has been a leader in calculating and raising the ROI of human processes in companies.

  • Who we are

    We are a research and consulting firm founded in 2001 with the support of IE Business School, Madrid, with a presence in Madrid, New York, Sao Paulo, Zurich and Hong Kong. The M&E Group consists of Management & Excellence SA, Madrid and M&E Global Inc., New York.

  • What we do

    M&E raises the shareholder value of our clients by rendering their human processes less risky and more profitable.

Quantifying excellent management since 2001

Using the M&E method of calculating the financial value of companies´ consolidated management performance, the M&E LatinFinance Brazil Sustainable Stars Index has outperformed the Ibovespa benchmark by over 63% (Q4 2015) since December 2009. The Index consists of Brazil´s best managed listed corporations.

Sustainable Management Ratings

M&E ratings assess up to 850 points of a company´s compliance, financial performance, strategy and risk. The final result is a MANAGEMENT DISCOUNT RATE as well as the consolidaterd value of all human processes relative to a company´s total value (e.g. 89.35%). This value is used to quantify the total risk of a company. Proving its effectiveness, the M&E rating method is successfully used in two M&E Stars Indexes which have been outperforming their benchmarks for years (Brazil Stars +68% over Ibovespa).

ROS® | ROI of Human Capital & Governance

ROS® accurately calculates and raises the Return on Investment of sustainability projects and human processes of all kinds, ranging from employee training to corporate culture, governance, IR, certification, marketing and CSR. ROS® is a registered trademark used on over 90 clients projects with a total volume of $5 billion.

SRI Investor Relations

With a current investment volume of roughly $15 trillion, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is one of the strongest investment trends with 50% of assets under management in Europe invested according to SRI guidelines. U.S. grow rates are over 20% p.a. Together with its partners LatinFinance and BDO in Hong Kong, M&E helps companies more effectively attract SR investors.