VfR Value for Risk in Infrastructure Projects

Calculate and balance the real risk / return of infrastructure projects

insuranceWith an estimated $ 1 trillion slated for critical infrastructure projects in the next decade, there is an acute need for a sophisticated and accurate risk analytics method for infrastructure projects. Currently, infrastructure projects still employ the Value for Money (VfM) method which does not include any serious attempt to quantify project risks, or to balance risks between PPP partners.

Value for Risk (VfR)™ is a risk analysis method building on VfM and offering the following useful features:

  • Calculation of technical, financial and governance (including operational) risks
  • Benchmarking the risk / return of your infrastructure project against similar ones
  • Determining a risk equilibrium between PPP stakeholders, distributing risk fairly
  • Advising on exactly where to improve infrastructure projects in order to depress risk and raise returns for all partners