ROS®, SMART ROI™ Service

Raise the ROI of  your human capital processes & projects

ROS® (trademark outside the USA) or SMART ROI™ (trademark in the USA) accurately calculates and raises the financial return on investment (ROI) of human capital, governance processes and projects within companies.  This ROI includes all quantified upsides (risk) and downsides (improved profits). It makes your investments in these processes and projects transparent and helps them contribute more to your revenues and operating margins. Governance risk can be turned into profits.

This will help your company attract investors and raise your position in rankings.

It is among the most sophisticated and yet proven method and has thus far been applied in over 90 projects with a total investment volume of over  $5 billion since its launch in 2007. Shortly after its launch, ROS®, SMART ROI™ was featured in a multi-paged article in the Harvard Business Review Brasil.

Why Client Companies Use ROS®, SMART ROI™

Client corporations use ROS®, SMART ROI™ for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Accurately measure human process and project ROI
  • Raise ROI
  • Decide to continue, expand, reduce or cancel projects
  • Report results to executive management & investors
  • Raise the ROI of an entire portfolio of projects and processes
  • Assess project feasibility

ROS® Case Examples

Actual ROS®, SMART ROI™ case examples:

  • ROI of Governance: Determining the financial returns of good governance. The ROS®,  SMART ROI™calculation covered returns from reduced litigation, improved efficiency, higher retail sales and increased investor demand for equity and bonds.
  • ROI  of corporate culture program: The corporate culture of a company in a post merger situation impacted a broad range of processes and generated financial returns from everything from client relations programs and R&D (raising revenues) to operating efficiency (margins).
  • ROI of negotiation & sales training: Returns from training helped salespeople close more and larger deals within the first 4 weeks following the training course.
  • ROI of  IT: A new IT center helped integrate all systems of a large multinational, reducing the R&D to market time and thus raising sales as well as generating massive efficiency effects.
  • ROI of  CSR programs: Corporate social responsibility programs in the form of community support and sports sponsoring added significantly to sales volumes mid and long-term.

ROS®, SMART ROI™ Application Areas

ROS®, SMART ROI™ is applied to calculate and raise the ROI of virtually any process and project within a company, including:

  • Corporate governance
  • Certifications
  • Training
  • HR programs
  • Client relations
  • CSR
  • IT, Cyber security
  • Environmental
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Sales
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Strategic management
  • Investor relations
  • Health & Safety programs
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Brands and trademarks
  • Corporate Restructurings

ROS®, SMART ROI™ Service Components

  1. ROS®, SMART ROI™ Financial ROI: This full version of ROS® calculates the financial return on investment of each project and process over a predetermined timeframe
  2. ROS®, SMART ROI™ Portfolio Management: By combining elements of classical portfolio management with the ROS® method, we can determine the ideal investment volume for an complete portfolio of projects and processes, resulting in a substantial increase in the financial returns generated by your entire portfolio of projects and processes
  3. ROS®, SMART ROI™ Real Time ROI: Jointly with our technology partner Satisfi Labs, Inc., survey and other data is streamed, processed and the real time ROI of your human capital processes presented on your computer screen.

Governance Risk Diagnosis

The financial crisis of 2008 was a result of governance weaknesses which were not quantified or priced in. The crisis cost the World an estimated $20 trillion Dollars--over $7 trillion more than World War II. With the M&E method, the governance and operational risk of companies can be calculated, weaknesses pinpointed and remedied.

ROI of Human Capital & Governance

SMART ROI ™ (trademark in the USA) and ROS® (trademark in all other markets) accurately calculates and raises the Return on Investment of human capital and governance processes of all kinds, ranging from employee training to corporate culture, governance, IR, certification, marketing and CSR. SMART ROI™ / ROS® is a registered trademark used on over 110 clients projects with a total volume of $5 billion.

Value for Risk VfR™

More than $ 1 trillion is expected to be invested in critical infrastructure around the World over the next decade. Yet there is no true risk analysis method for putting a real number on costs. Thus, investors are holding back investing in infrastructure. Value for Risk (VfR) builds on the Value for Money method which inadequately projects returns of infrastructure investments for PPP´s. Value for Risk calculates and balances risks within PPP´s, making them predictable investments for all stakeholders.