M&E Stars Indexes

Demonstrating that solid human process drive stock performance

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the M&E Value From Human Factors method (formerly known as M&E Ratings), M&E ran two indexes in Brazil and Hong Kong. These "Stars Indexes" applied the M&E method in selecting and weighing their component companies. The Stars Indexes were operated in cooperation with Euromoney media in Latin American and Asia. Most importantly, the Brazil Stars Index consistently outperformed the Ibovespa between 60% and 70% over the period of 9 years. The Hong Kong Stars Index outperformed the Hang Seng by roughly 20% over a period of 4 years.
The approach employed in the M&E Stars Indexes is fundamentally different from other portfolio approaches in that it,

  • financially quantifies component companies according to their management performance (M&E rating score) and weigh them in the index´ according to this value,
  • includes fewer companies because the weighting according to management performance obviates having to diversity across numerous companies and sectors; risk is reduced because of high, sector adjusted management scores
  • has a higher predictive value because it uses management values which drive future financial performance.

M&E LatinFinance Brazil Stars Index

M&E BDO Asiamoney Hong Kong Sustainable Stars Index


ESG Financial Advisory

M&E was the first to publish ethics ratings in 2002, and since then has pioneered calculating the financial impacts of ESG for companies and investors. The long term outperformance of our Brazil and Hong Stars Indexes is public proof of the effectiveness of M&E´s proprietary ESG methods.

SMART ROI™ of Human Processes

SMART ROI ™ accurately calculates and raises the Return on Investment of human capital processes of all kinds, ranging from aviation maintenance training to digital systems, corporate culture, governance, IR, certification, marketing and CSR. SMART ROI™ is a registered trademark used on over 130 client projects with a total volume of $5 billion. SMART ROI™ is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC. See our SMART ROI ™ website: www.smart-roi.com.

Digital Infrastructure Advisory™

M&E Global offers two services in infrastructure: 1) Investment promotion in digital infrastructure. Digital infrastructure is potentially a $3 trillion market and a mega trend strongly supported by the lessons learned from the Covid19 crisis. 2) Value for Risk VfR calculates the political, social, legal and lifecycle risks of infrastructure projects. Value for Risk calculates and balances risks within PPP´s, making them predictable investments for all stakeholders.