Digital Infrastructure Advisory

Seize the opportunities of the exploding digital infrastructure market

M&E Global is partnered with IJ Global /Euromoney, offering two services:

  1. Promoting investment in digital infrastructure. If you are a country or development bank seeking to attract investment in digital infrastructure, M&E Global can help apply the decades of its executives´ experience in the area of investment promotion and digital infrastructure.

Our digital infrastructure investment promotion service brings investors and the public sector together:

  • Investor sentiment surveys combined with research on public policies and conditions to determine a country or region´s attractiveness for investments in digital infrastructure
  • Webinars and roundtables for investors
  • Regular editorials
  • Investor events on digital infrastructure
  • Advisory for the public sector on how to raise their attractiveness for investors

Calculate and balance the real risk / return of infrastructure projects

insurance2. Value for Risk (VfR) calculates unpriced political, governance, social, legal and lifecycle risks of infrastructure projects.

With an estimated $ 4-5 trillion slated for critical infrastructure projects in the next decade, there is an acute need for a sophisticated and accurate risk analytics method for infrastructure projects. Currently, infrastructure projects still employ the Value for Money (VfM) method which does not include any serious attempt to quantify project risks, or to balance risks between PPP partners.

Value for Risk (VfR)™ is a risk analysis method building on VfM and offering the following useful features:

  • Calculation of technical, financial and governance (including operational) risks
  • Benchmarking the risk / return of your infrastructure project against similar ones
  • Determining a risk equilibrium between PPP stakeholders, distributing risk fairly
  • Advising on exactly where to improve infrastructure projects in order to depress risk and raise returns for all partners



ESG Financial Advisory

M&E was the first to publish ethics ratings in 2002, and since then has pioneered calculating the financial impacts of ESG for companies and investors. The long term outperformance of our Brazil and Hong Stars Indexes is public proof of the effectiveness of M&E´s proprietary ESG methods.

SMART ROI™ of Human Processes

SMART ROI ™ accurately calculates and raises the Return on Investment of human capital processes of all kinds, ranging from aviation maintenance training to digital systems, corporate culture, governance, IR, certification, marketing and CSR. SMART ROI™ is a registered trademark used on over 130 client projects with a total volume of $5 billion. SMART ROI™ is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC. See our SMART ROI ™ website:

Digital Infrastructure Advisory

M&E Global offers two services in infrastructure: 1) Investment promotion in digital infrastructure. Digital infrastructure is potentially a $3 trillion market and a mega trend strongly supported by the lessons learned from the Covid19 crisis. 2) Value for Risk VfR calculates the political, social, legal and lifecycle risks of infrastructure projects. Value for Risk calculates and balances risks within PPP´s, making them predictable investments for all stakeholders.