M&E Services

Services Overview

M&E has assessed and served hundreds of large corporations in Latin America, the USA, Europe and Asia in five service areas:

  • SMART ROI™ calculates and raises the financial returns of human capital projects and processes ranging from training to governance.
  • ESG Financial Advisory calculates the financial impact of ESG on companies and invesors´ holdings.
  • Digital Infrastructure Advisory includes Value for Risk VfR, which calculates the complete risks of infrastructure projects and recommends how to achieve a risk balance between PPP stakeholders. And it involves investment promotion in digital infrastructure.
  • M&E Stars Indexes in Brazil and Hong Kong prove that the M&E Governance Risk Diagnosis method is highly effective. They use this method to weight component companies according to their governance and operational risks. Companies with lower risk are more highly weighted. The Brazil Stars Index has outperformed the Ibovespa between 60% and 70% since 2009.
  • M&E Research and Studies: M&E regularly funds its own research to keep on top of its field. M&E studies and surveys are widely covered in the media.
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