History and Overview

Management & Excellence SA was founded in 2001 in Madrid with the financial support of officers of the Instituto de Empresa IE Business School, one of the World´s leading business schools.

M&E is known for its sophisticated and highly accurate methods which help companies raise the profitability of  their sustainable management processes and projects.

page2-img2M&E´s business got a kick start by the Enron, Worldcom and related banking scandals on Wall Street in 2002 and 2003, and the resulting regulatory changes such as the Sarbannes-Oxley Act. M&E was among the first institutions to develop a rating system to assess the performance and risk of companies based on their compliance with good practices, governance and ethics. Using this method. we conducted our first ratings for major banks in Europe (e.g. BBVA), the USA (JPM) and Brazil (Banco Bradesco, Banco Itau).  M&E developed a strong brand by widely publishing studies and governance ratings on banks and other sectors.

Expansion into Latin America

In 2005 M&E entered into a formal cooperation with LatinFinance (Euromoney Group) to offer sustainability services and studies to investors and companies in Latin America. In 2010 M&E and LatinFinance launched the M&E LatinFinance Sustainable Stars Index, which has  since outperformed the Ibovespa benchmark and has maintained a level of between 60% and 70% outperformance over Ibovespa since 2013.

In 2008 M&E opened its operations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where it has since been serving many of the country´s largest and most sustainable companies.

Asian expansion

As part of its international expansion M&E established a partnership with BDO Financial in Hong Kong in 2011 with the support of Dr. Albert Li, an Advisory Board member of M&E. Together with BDO, the World´s 5th largest accounting firm, and Asiamoney, Asia´s leading monthly financial magazine, M&E launched the M&E BDO Asiamoney Hong Kong Stars Index. Like the Brazil Stars Index, the Hong Kong Stars Index uses the M&E method of screening the very best sustainably managed companies and weighing them according to the quality of their management.


In March 2017 M&E is launching its latest version of ROS® called SMART ROI(TM) in the U.S.A. SMART ROI involves an artificial intelligence tool developed by Satisfi Labs, Inc., which is able to identify and quantify latent ROI sources in human capital processes. It makes the surveys which M&E uses to quantify impacts of human capital processes, more interactive and fun.

ROS® | ROI of Cyber Security

In early 2016 M&E Global Inc. will be launching its ROS® | ROI of Cyber Security which calculates and raises the financial ROI of a company´s cyber security situation. The service is a unique combination of software and financial instruments which will dramatically improve a company´s cyber security by remedying its internal cyber weaknesses.

M&E Firsts:


  • First to conduct ethics and sustainability ratings in Latin America, which were published in Time Magazine, thus  reaching 4 million readers worldwide (2003)
  • First to publish rankings of the most ethical Wall Street banks (2003)
  • First to develop and sell a ROI service for sustainability/ESG projects (ROS®) in Latin America
  • First to develop and market a rating which accurately calculates the total financial value of  companies´ sustainable management processes (2010)
  • First to launch indexes in Brazil and Hong Kong which quantify the management quality of their component companies (2010)
  • First to launch a portfolio management system for sustainability and human processes using ROS® (2010)

 The M&E Philosophy

Strong financial performance is largely the result of strong and sustainable management processes. Thus, strong management today drives good financial performance tomorrow. Accordingly, to drive your company´s financial performance in the future, you need to quantify and optimize its management processes today.

ESG Financial Advisory

M&E was the first to publish ethics ratings in 2002, and since then has pioneered calculating the financial impacts of ESG for companies and investors. The long term outperformance of our Brazil and Hong Stars Indexes is public proof of the effectiveness of M&E´s proprietary ESG methods.

SMART ROI ™ of Human Processes

SMART ROI ™ accurately calculates and raises the Return on Investment of human capital processes of all kinds, ranging from aviation maintenance training to digital systems, corporate culture, governance, IR, certification, marketing and CSR. SMART ROI™ is a registered trademark used on over 130 client projects with a total volume of $5 billion. SMART ROI™ is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC. See our SMART ROI ™ website: www.smart-roi.com.

Digital Infrastructure Advisory

M&E Global offers two services in infrastructure: 1) Investment promotion in digital infrastructure. Digital infrastructure is potentially a $3 trillion market and a mega trend strongly supported by the lessons learned from the Covid19 crisis. 2) Value for Risk VfR calculates the political, social, legal and lifecycle risks of infrastructure projects. Value for Risk calculates and balances risks within PPP´s, making them predictable investments for all stakeholders.